Divorce Mediation

Videoconference Mediation For Post-Decree Issues

October 6, 2020

Many courthouses remain closed to non-essential legal proceedings. In divorce cases, videoconference mediation has helped to move things along.

Our previous blog post lists the benefits of videoconference divorce mediation and shares some best practices.

There are a couple of specific areas within divorce disputes where videoconference mediation really shines. Post-divorce disputes relating to parental visitation, adjustments in custody arrangements and the like is one such area.

It is common for divorce settlement agreements to require mediation for these disputes before the parties can get a hearing before a judge. Even if mediation is not required, the parties can choose the mediation option after these disputes arise.

The advantages of videoconference mediation in these post-divorce disputes are many. Here are a few:

1- Flexible scheduling. There is no need to schedule an in-person meeting for all involved at a specific place.

2- Lower cost. No one is paying for mediator or attorney travel time. And no one is waiting their own time traveling for an in-person meeting.

3- Shorter sessions. You don’t need to block out a half-day session for a single-issue mediation. Parties can schedule an hour or two as needed.

4- Multiple brief sessions. The mediator can meet at different times and even on different days with different parties in separate sessions if that is easier for scheduling.

Another area where videoconference divorce mediation can be very helpful is where there are volatile emotions or a history of violence.

Videoconference mediations can reduce client anxiety. Avoiding in-person contact can reduce conflict between the parties.

Videoconference features such as waiting rooms and breakout rooms ensure that the mediator keeps the parties separate in the virtual mediation environment.

How can you get started with post-decree divorce mediation? If you have a lawyer, ask your lawyer about mediation. If you don’t have a lawyer, speak to your ex-spouse about mediation.

How can you find an experienced divorce mediator who is a good match for your case? You can request a short list of excellent and vetted local divorce mediators using Mediator Connect.

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