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Mental Health Tips For Those Going Through a Divorce

October 13, 2020

Getting divorced can be a stressful process. If you suffer from a mental health issue, such as depression or anxiety, the experience of divorce can be even more challenging. Below are some tips for navigating divorce, with a focus on how your lawyer or mediator can support you during this difficult time.

Let them know. Make sure to let your lawyer and the mediator know what you are going through so that they can make helpful adjustments to support you.

Give some guidelines for communication. Would you prefer to communicate over email or over the phone? What is the best way for you to receive stressful news?

Make arrangements. Do you need more frequent breaks during a mediation or court session? Keep your lawyer and the mediator informed about your needs.

Consider mediation. Mediation is much more flexible than court and this can be tailored to assist parties with anxiety or other issues.

Find some other assistance. While your lawyer and your mediator will look to be helpful, you should also look to obtain support from a mental health professional.

Hang in there. Divorce is a process and it can take longer than you would prefer. Pace yourself and take breaks when helpful.

For more information on this topic, access this list of tips posted by family law attorney Cate Maguire inspired by World Mental Health Day.

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