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Judges Report Need for Family and Divorce Mediation

September 18, 2020

The Dispute Resolution Section of the Wisconsin Bar Association recently surveyed all 249 state court judges about the need for mediation and the availability of mediation in that state.

The main findings of the survey are:

1- The judges view mediation positively and look to use mediation in a wide range of situations.

2- Mediation is widely available, but is not as widely used.

3- The areas where access to mediation needs the most improvement are family financial disputes (65.8%) and small claims cases (42.5%).

4- The judges already refer more than one-half of personal injury cases to mediation.

5- The most important barriers to mediation are (in order): lack of funding, cost to parties, and the lack of mediators.

6- Attitudes toward mediation are not a barrier, as judges report that attorneys are highly interested in participating in mediations.

Read more about how the survey was conducted and view more detailed results on the Wisconsin Bar Association website.

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