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How to Keep Your Divorce As Private As Possible

In most situations divorce filings are public information. However, if you are interested in removing your divorce information from the public eye, there may be actions to can take.

First, some states or counties allow divorcing parties to file their court cases under initials rather than under their full legal names. Ask the court clerk or your attorney if this is permitted in your jurisdiction.

Second, you can ask the judge to “seal” your case. This keeps the contents of the divorce court filings away from the eyes of the public. Courts in different states will vary on the conditions under which they will agree to seal a case.

Third, consider mediation. Mediation is inherently private and confidential. If you settle your divorce privately in mediation your divorce decree will still need to be filed in court, but you will have eliminated may additional potential court filings that would have been required to resolve your divorce disputes in court.

Finally, try to minimize the final divorce documents that you file with the court. For example, you may be able to insert only limited information in a public divorce decree and include certain details only in ancillary documents that do not need to be filed with the court. Again, states will have different procedures and requirements, so check carefully before filing.

For more information and a specific Texas perspective, review this article by Laura S. Hayes of Fox Rothschild in Dallas.

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