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Mediation Might be the Right Choice if You Want to:

Divorce is hard enough as it is

You shouldn’t have to choose between fair and affordable.

A mediator will get you resolution faster with lower costs.

When you’re going through a divorce you want to keep your legal costs, delays, and hostility to a minimum, but you also want to keep the process moving along. In fact, most judges prefer mediation and oftentimes, require it. Mediator Connect provides a simple way to connect with an experienced mediator that can help you come to a fair agreement so you can move on with your life.

Is Mediation Better than Court?
  • Mediation is much quicker
  • Mediation lowers the cost of your divorce
  • Mediation very often ends in an agreement
  • Mediation is private and confidential
  • Mediation puts you in control of what is fair
  • You can have a lawyer in mediation if you want
  • The right mediator improves communication
  • The right mediator helps avoid conflict

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Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process that helps people come up with an agreed solution. The mediation process allows for full participation from all parties. Mediators help identify issues that need to be resolved, prioritize the issues, focus on one issue at a time and facilitate parties having a conversation about different settlement options.

Divorce can be a destructive, lengthy and expensive process, if the couple allows it to be. Mediation can reduce negative emotions, speed up the process, and save thousands of dollars. If the idea of an expert third-party facilitating the resolution of your divorce issues seems like a good one, then your divorce is likely a good candidate for mediation.

If you have a dispute that needs resolution and the other side agrees to mediate the dispute with you, you are likely ready for mediation. Mediation is voluntary for all parties, so it is important that the other side agrees to participate with you in the mediation. In appropriate cases, Mediator Connect can assist you in inviting your opposing party to mediate with you.

Any time that you have a legal question relating to your divorce, you should consider contacting a lawyer. While your mediator may be a practicing attorney, your mediator is not serving as your own private attorney.

Yes. Divorce mediation can be successful when the parties are not represented by lawyers. In fact, this is relatively common.

Most mediators will produce a summary or outline of the agreed terms after mediation. However, very few mediators will aid with drafting the settlement agreement. It may be wise to hire an attorney for the limited task of producing a settlement agreement from the mediator’s summary document.

Most divorce and family mediations are scheduled for one session. If the mediator and the parties feel that a second session should be scheduled, that can be handled during or after the first mediation session.

Divorce mediation sessions are often scheduled for a 4-hour block of time. Straightforward cases might take less time. Cases involving complex finances and child custody issues may require a longer session or even multiple sessions of mediation.

Mediator Connect has a nationwide panel of divorce and family mediators. In most cases, a mediation can be scheduled within a week or two, depending upon the availability of the parties and of the mediator.

In mediation you are never forced to agree to a settlement. The neutral mediator will work with both parties to come to a settlement. But if you don’t like the solution that is on the table, you don’t need to accept it.

Divorce and family mediators are most often attorneys with experience practicing in these fields. Forum judges also often serve as mediators. All Mediator Connect divorce and family mediators are experienced attorneys or former judges who are also experienced mediators.

Mediators take their neutrality very seriously. If a mediator were to favor a party, that would be a serious breach of the mediator’s professional obligations. However, your mediator may ask you tough questions or challenge your assumptions during the mediation in order to attempt to facilitate a settlement.

Each mediator will have their own approach and style. Some mediators tend to focus on creating a process through which the parties can reach their own settlement. Others might make recommendations to the parties based upon the mediator’s own assessment of what a court might decide if a settlement is not reached. Most mediators will apply different approaches based upon their view of the needs of the parties and the nature of the dispute.

Mediator Connect has produced a Mediation Checklist to guide you in which information and documents you should bring to mediation.

You should look for appropriate expertise in the areas of your dispute, extensive experience serving as a mediator, and a mediation style that is a good fit for you and for your dispute. After your receive matching mediators from your Mediator Connect request, you should reach out to each mediator and have a conversation about the mediator’s qualifications and their recommended approach to your mediation. For more details about choosing a mediator, download Mediator Connect’s Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Mediator eBook free of cost.

Mediator Connect graphic with the words "Match with the right mediator, no obligation."

How do I find a divorce mediator?

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  • You can speak one-on-one.

If, before mediation begins, you decide that the mediator you have chosen is not a good fit for you, we will conduct a new mediator match search free of charge.

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Faster Resolution,
Much Lower Costs.

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