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What Can You Do If Divorce Mediation Doesn’t Work?

Divorce mediations are sometimes unsuccessful. This can be true even when both parties engage in mediation with the best intentions and work toward a settlement. What can you do after a failed divorce mediation?

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Mediation By Videoconference: Step-by-Step

Counsel, Parties, and Mediators are getting comfortable in the midst of the current health emergency with the idea…

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The Concise Guide to Mediation Preparation

Consider the following list of mediation preparation ideas and you will be more prepared than ever before to succeed in mediation.

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A family man shakes hands with a mediator

Five Tips for a Successful Mediation

Whether you are new to mediation or an experienced veteran, it’s always helpful to continue to hone your mediation skills. Here are some tips on how to up your advocacy and improve your approach. Ingram, Yuzek, Gainen, Carroll & Bertolotti partner Jennifer B. Zourigui published an insightful short piece in the New York Law Journal. She advises, among other items,…

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