Why we created Mediator Connect

Most lawyers rely on their professional network when they need a mediator, but when your go-to people aren’t available, it can take a lot of time to find the right mediator for your case.

Too often the mediator selection gets bogged down. Trying to find the right mediator near you with the right credentials (and an opening in their schedule) is harder than it should be. 

Mediator Connect is a simple, no-obligation way to find an expert mediator who works on your timetable.

Mediator Connect saves you time and stress

In our experience, most lawyers find their mediators through their existing professional networks. This can be a problem if you have limited contacts in the required area of law. Mediator Connect offers a way to expand your network. No matter your need, Mediator Connect connects you with an expert in that field.

We have experts in...

  • Family

  • commercial

  • employment

  • construction

  • divorce

  • Intellectual Property

  • healthcare

  • real estate

  • injury

Mediator Connect is a service of Forum

We have extensive experience in mediation, matching mediators to clients since 1986.

Our process for vetting and evaluating mediators ensures that you’re getting the best possible mediation experience for all parties involved. We pull from a pool of 1000+ expert mediators so that you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive timely and - above all else - thoughtful, expert resolution.