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The process does not need to be complicated

  • You need an established mediation process.
  • You need to make sure and get the right mediator.
  • Your mediation should be affordable.
  • Your mediation should fit your schedule.

We've figured this part out so that you can have an effective mediation.

Although there is no guarantee that your mediation will provide the outcome you desire, we can guarantee a fast, fair, and flexible mediation.

The What and Why's of Mediation

Learn everything you need to know about what mediation is and why it's a great way to resolve your dispute. 


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How To Get The
Mediation You Deserve

Take out the guesswork with Mediator Connect's intuitive platform. We will help you through every step of the process, whether it is filing, choosing a mediator, or just getting started.

  • Step 1

    You and the other party need to agree on using mediation.

  • Step 2

    Fill out our easy intake form.

  • Step 3

    We follow up to make sure we find the mediator that's the perfect fit.

  • Step 4

    We schedule and the mediator holds the mediation.

There is no guarantee that the mediation will resolve your dispute; however, we are here to make sure that the mediation process is smooth for both parties.

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What does mediation cost?

This really depends on how long and what type of mediator you need. We've found that a mediation takes a minimum of four hours - that's what the mediator needs to do a good job. Some mediations will last longer than that, but the shortest time we will book a mediation is four hours.

Mediators bill by the hour. Mediation hourly rates range from $200-$450 and increase per the mediators expertise and location. Here is the great news: unlike other mediation providers, we do not charge an administration fee. You just pay the mediators hourly rate for the hours scheduled.

Why Us?

Save Time Searching

Keep peace of mind with our easy to use and efficient search and filing process.

Super Support

Our team is here for you with around the clock support. Whenever you need help, we've got your back.

Come To A Resolution

Fast, efficient, and easy to use. Our platform is unique in offering speedy resolutions and quick results.

Don't Settle For The Mediator That's Just Available

Find the best possible mediator for your cause

What Does Having The Wrong Mediator Cost You?

Getting the wrong mediator wastes everyone's time, money, and more importantly, it reduces your chances of success.

A mediation is two parties working together under the guidance of a mediator to try and come to resolution on a dispute. If you do not have the right mediator, who can provide that guidance and work with you and the other party towards a resolution, you are just wasting time and money.

All too often people know they need help with their dispute. Typically, mediations happen with each party being represented by an attorney but that can be very expensive. It does not have to be that way.

There is no requirement that you be represented by an attorney. Now, in more complicated matters it might be a good idea to be, however there are situations where a good mediator can work directly with parties to come to a resolution.

We can't guarantee a resolution, but we can guarantee that we will work hard to find you the best mediator at the best rate when and where you need them. We are able to provide mediators for in-person or online mediations making the mediation as convenient as you need it to be.

Our process is simple, but remember, you need to make sure that the other side wants to mediate. We can not force anyone to mediate so the first step for you is to make sure the other party wants to go to mediation.

Once you all have agreed on mediation, begin by filling out a quick and easy form outlining the dispute or simply give us a call.

Our staff then contacts you (via email or phone) to begin the process.

We then go to our network of over 1,000 dispute professionals to find the right one for you. The available mediators are compiled in a list and sent to you for review and selection.

Once the mediator is selected and the fees are paid, the mediator will contact the parties and confirm the date and time for the mediation, the method of the mediation (remotely or in-person), and request any additional information necessary for the mediation.

The mediation happens.

If the parties are able to resolve all or part of their dispute, the mediator will provide a document that summarizes the agreement between the parties.

Working together, we make this process simple for all involved.


About Mediator Connect

We have been matching mediators to cases since 1986. Our established process for vetting and continually evaluating mediators help provide the best possible mediation experience for all parties.

We have a panel of over 1000 mediators in all areas of law, and we always search beyond our panel for every inquiry.

Mediator Connect, powered by Forum, has administered over a million mediations and arbitrations.

Let our team help find the right mediator for you.

  • Renee 1200×1200

    Renee Fossen

    Renee has been with Forum since 2016 as the Director of Arbitration, where she manages all aspects of arbitration and mediation, including the development of managed programs for organizations seeking to streamline their dispute resolution processes. Renee and the Forum team worked hard on developing Mediator Connect with the hope of helping individuals find the resources they need when it comes to mediation.

  • Dan Legierski LinkedIn

    Daniel Legierski

    Dan leads the day to day business and directs corporate initiatives. His duties span the managerial spectrum from general and technological to operational, financial, and strategy. During his tenure at Forum, Dan has led different departments in marrying technology with legal services creating ground-breaking technology platforms designed to manage various alternative dispute resolution services.

  • cropped Web 4300

    Emmanuel Tucker, II

    Having held multiples roles with Forum since 2017, Emmanuel currently serves as a Legal Services Associate and will be one of your main points of contact at Mediator Connect. As both an attorney and a formerly rostered neutral himself, Emmanuel has the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through the uncertainty of finding a mediator that matches your needs.

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