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Find the Right
Mediator Faster

Match with multiple, vetted mediators. No obligation to engage.

Don’t just rely on your limited professional network to find a mediator

Mediator Connect matches you with multiple vetted mediators based on the location, expertise, and experience you need. You spend less time searching and your client gets the best possible mediation experience.

It’s frustrating to waste time searching for a qualified, available mediator when your go-to people aren’t available.

Now you don't have to.
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Our Simple 4-Step Process

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    1. Two-minute request form

    Fill out our online form to help us find your best mediator based on availability and your specific criteria.

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    2. Mediator Match

    Receive multiple matches from a pool of 1000+ vetted mediators, already filtered by availability. No more phone tag or wait-and-see email games.

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    3. Schedule Session

    Schedule your mediation and pay with our easy-to-use invoicing system.

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    4. Resolution

    You choose the mediator you want to work with and they will guide everyone through the mediation process. You can even mediate virtually.

Did you know...

Most lawyers find a mediator from their professional network. We have 1000+ expert mediators to add to your list. No obligations, just resolutions.

It's time to expand your network.

Save Time

Get a better fit for case & client

Come to a resolution

About Mediator Connect

We have been matching mediators to cases since 1986. Our established process for vetting and continually evaluating mediators help provide the best possible mediation experience for all parties.

We have a panel of over 1000 mediators in all areas of law, and we always search beyond our panel for every inquiry.

  • More than 1000 mediators

  • Matches in any location

  • Vetted & continually evaluated

  • No obligation to hire

How Much Does It Cost?
  • Each mediator sets their own rates

    You choose the hourly rate that works for your budget and we match you with mediators in that range.

  • There are no upfront fees

    We retain a percentage of the listed mediator rate only if we successfully match you with a mediator that you use.

  • There is no obligation to engage

    You can choose to engage one of our mediators or none of them, there is no fee or obligation to use our service.

Don't settle for the mediator that's just available

Find the Best Possible Mediator for Your Case